Dr. Kocho Cumandra

Dr. CumandraDentist

2013 was the 30th anniversary of my career as a dentist. From the age of 4, I still have memories accompanying my mother who worked in a hospital as a dental technician, and meeting all the other technicians and dentists. I was called “the little dentist.” When people asked me what I was going to be when I grew up, my answer was always: a dentist. Well, except my teenage years, when I wanted to be a philosopher.

I can’t say it was easy becoming a dentist. I studied in three different languages, Madedonian (Bitola – my hometown), French (Paris) and English (Toronto) and three very different cultures. Although I have always had the moral support from my parents, there was no one who could guide or help me with school or with the “business” after graduating.

Sheer perseverance, constant education and a great deal of luck, have brought me to a point in life that is better than any I could have dreamed of.

I feel extremely fortunate to have such a great career. It has afforded me a great education about life (for the philosopher still in me), has allowed me to see much of the world, as well as meet people from all over the weld. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and 3 children, to complete my life.

Of course, without my great staff and my wonderful family of patients who have also supported my journey, (many of them for decades!), I would never have gotten where I am.

Kocho Cumandra B.Sc, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., F.I.C.O.I.

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Dr. Isabel Cumandra

Dr. IsabelDentist

Ever since her third birthday, Dr. Isabel Cumandra wanted to go to work with her dad, also a dentist.  She would spend the whole day without complaints.  When asked :“What do you want to be when you grow up?”, her answer was: “a dentist”.

She completed her 3 years of undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Western Ontario, where she was offered early acceptance to dental school.  In 2015, her childhood dream became a reality upon her graduation from the Dental School at University of Toronto, with Honours.

During school, Dr. Isabel was one of 5 students selected to run the Summer Emergency Clinic in third year.  She was chosen to provide 2 weeks elective to the First Nations community in Moose Factory Ontario.   She was vice-president of Student Counsel in her final year and was active in many extra-curricular activities. She received the Cressy Award for Student Leadership.

Dr. Isabel is currently working at ScarboroSmiles clinic in Scarborough Town Centre, and is a Clinical Instructor in the Restorative Department at the University of Toronto.  She has already started to further her education with Invisalign, and various fields in Dentistry.  She is grateful to have many great mentors to learn from.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Isabel likes to read, exercise and travel the world.


drsophie-headshot copy

Dr. Sophie Polymeneas

Dr. SophieDentist

Dr. Sophie Polymeneas is an elite provider of Invisalign. Dr. Sophie takes pride in taking time to get to know you, addressing your concerns, and explaining the nature of the treatment to be provided. Dr. Polymeneas attended University of Toronto over 25 years ago. She completed her Bachelor of Science degrees and traveled south to graduate from University of Minnesota Dental School. She has been serving her family of patients for 15 years. Please drop by and say hello!

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Meet My Team


LisaTreatment & Financial Co-ordinator

Was born in the city of Vancouver and as a young girl, grew up in one of its towns called White Rock, which is right on the ocean. She loved it because she could enjoy the beautiful mountains and the ocean at the same time. Perhaps one day she’ll retire there.

Having a background in accounting, she started in the dental field as an office manager in Kingston in 1989. She has never looked back. She loves working in the dental field and have learned so much over these many years. She originally started with Dr. Cumandra 17 years ago, left to go to Calgary and came back 4 years later. she has been with Dr. Cumandra ever since.

Her favourite thing about working at Scarborough Smiles is spending time with our team and interacting with so many of our wonderful patients!



TasheenPDA/Hygiene Co-ordinator

was born and raised in central Africa and has been in Canada since 1993. She graduated from George Brown College in 2000 as a Level 2 Dental Assistant and has been working with Dr. Cumandra ever since. Although starting as a dental assistant, Tasheen also acts as a hygiene coordinator. She has taken several courses in management and attended many dental courses and seminars to upgrade her dental knowledge.

In her free time, Tasheen loves to bake and decorate cakes.



MariaProject Manager

Has recently joined our team in January of 2014. She was born in Philippines and later on moved to Canada in 2003. She has a background in Office Administrative Assistant and Architectural Technician. Although she has little to no experience in Dentistry, she is happy, excited, and eager to learn every bits of it!

In addition to being part of Scarborough Smiles, she loves learning new things by reading, watching videos, spending time with family and friends. “I believe that everybody has an idea to offer, it’s only a matter of not being afraid to be different.” Also she enjoys exercising and eating gelato.



Amy LeungRestorative Registered Dental Hygienist

Is known by everybody as the Chinese girl on Dr. Cumandra’s team. Although this is her 25th year of practicing as an expanded duties dental hygienist, she has enjoyed every single minute! She’d like to thank her belated brother, who first introduced her to dentistry. Ever since then, she has completely invested herself in her job to thank him for his good deeds.

She came from Hong Kong 27 years ago, graduating with a diploma in communications. she has worked in Chicago and New York, but her favourite place is still Toronto. She reside in Markham with her husband Rick, daughter Sandi, cat Chubbz, rabbit GB and two turtles Max and Pointy.

Her favourite part of her job is spending time with all of her patients. Thank you for all of your referrals and please keep them coming!



SaraRegistered Dental Hygienist

Was born in Port Perry, Ontario, and grew up in a small town just northeast of Port Perry. After high school, she moved to Scarborough to attend the Oxford College of Arts, Business and Technology to earn her diploma in Dental hygiene. ” I decided to become a dental hygienist because I have always been very interested in biology and health care. I also enjoy helping and educating people.” In September of 2008 Sara graduated from Oxford as one of the top three students, and earned the Dentsply Award for professionalism. She later became part of the Scarborough Smiles team in March of 2009.

Aside from dental care, Sara enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and is very family oriented. She enjoys being outdoors, going on nature trail walks, bike riding, and four wheeling.



ShanaDental Assistant, PDA/Dental

Was born in Iran and came to Canada in 1986. She started taking English courses and worked part time. In 1992 she enrolled in the University of Western Ontario and earned a bachelors degree in biology. After working in the university physiology lab as a research technician for a year, she decided to change her field and became interested in working as a dental clinician. She took a dental assisting course at Fanshaw college in London, Ontario and subsequently took an upgrading course in Western University to become an expanded duty dental assistant. Soon after she moved to Toronto and tarted working in various dental offices. In 2003 she started working for Dr. Cumandra and has earned a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field ever since. She enjoys working with her teammates in a friendly and fun environment.

In her spare time, Shana paints oil on canvas and has created many pieces of art over the years.



JudyDental Assistant

Judy has been part of our team since August of 2014. She brings 10 years of experience as a level 2 dental assistant. She graduated from CDI college and brings with her amazing people skills. She is a newlywed who loves playing GTA 5 with her husband. Enjoys reading her most inspiring book being “a Course in miracles”. She loves to laugh and enjoy the simple things of life.