It is never too early to start teaching the importance of oral health to your child.  Children are not immune to dental issues simply because they are young.  Children can have dental and oral health issues if they are not educated enough on oral care, or if no preventative measures are taken by their parents. Here are some great ways to keep your child’s oral health in great shape:

Teething Children

Having a teething child can be stressful, especially if your child is in pain from their teeth growing in.  All twenty primary (or baby) teeth should be fully grown in by the time your child is two or three years old.  It does not have to be a painful experience for everyone involved, however.  According to the Canadian Dental Association, some methods to make the teething process easier include:

  • Rubbing your child’s gums with a clean finger
  • Rubbing the gums with the back of a small, cool spoon
  • And if none of those methods work to soothe the pain, a dentist or a doctor can recommend a mild over-the-counter medication to relieve the pain.

It is also important to avoid certain methods of handling teething children such as:

  • Using a liquid painkiller that can be rubbed on your toddler’s gums – your child could ingest some of it
  • Avoid teething biscuits, since many teething biscuits have added sugar or contain hidden sugars
  • Do not dismiss a fever! Fevers are not part of teething and if your child has a fever, it is likely not related to the growing of new teeth – you should take your child to the doctor in this case.

Long-Term Precautions

Small children and babies are likely to chew anything they can get their hands on: walls, seatbelts, table edges, etc. Try to make sure your child stays away from materials that are hard enough to break their teeth, start brushing with a rice grain-sized amount of toothpaste, and be sure to watch for any discolouration of their teeth.

If you instill proper oral care in your child early, they are much more likely to have healthy teeth and gums throughout their whole life, require fewer dental procedures and have better overall physical health.

To ensure you are doing everything you can to ensure your child has a happy and healthy mouth, visit Scarboro Smiles for your next checkup.