You know its important to update your doctor on your health and medication status, but what about your dentist? Good communication with your dentist about your overall health is vital, says Dr. Lynn Tomkins, a clinical instructor in the Department of Oral Diagnosis and Medicine at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry and a Past President of the ODA. “What happens in your mouth affects your body, and what happens in your body affects your mouth.”

If you are on blood thinner mediations, it is important that your dentist be made aware of the type and dosage you are taking. These medications act to reduce the body’s natural clotting mechanisms. Since it is not uncommon for minor amounts of bleeding to occur during even simple dental procedures such as tooth cleaning and scaling, it is very important to let your dentist know at least several days PRIOR to any treatment that you are taking blood thinner medications. Your dentist may wish to consult with your family doctor about the advisability of discontinuing this particular medication for a day or so prior to your dental appointment.