Braces have often been seen as a rite of passage in our lives, with many children and teens getting the traditional wires and brackets as their teeth grow and develop.  Those braces can sometimes be downright uncomfortable and even a little embarrassing, especially if you are an adult.  Invisalign is the better looking option for people of any age who want to straighten out their teeth for that aesthetically pleasing smile they have always wanted.


Gone are the days of tightening wires or covering metal brackets with wax.  Invisalign is kind to your gums and your lips by having no metal wires or brackets involved at all.  Invisalign is made entirely of smooth plastic that fits close and comfortably snug over your teeth.  There is also no discomfort of tightening brackets when it is time to update the aligner – a new mould of your teeth gets made and replaces the old one, meaning the unpleasant sensation of tightened braces is gone for good.


When you have traditional braces, you can’t take them off. Flossing and brushing becomes way harder and food constantly gets trapped. With invisalign, you simply have to remove the tray and brush and floss as per usual. You can also remove the trays while eating, giving you the freedom to eat any food you enjoy!


Invisalign lives up to its name by being made of a plastic that is clear, to the point of virtual invisibility.  Your smile can remain smooth and clear while it grows into the smoother, straighter version it is going to be.  No more marring of your smile by ‘railroad tracks’. Invisalign straightens your smile in secret!

Dental technology has progressed so far that we no longer have to stick by old methods of fixing teeth and making smiles better!