We are often so concerned with the overall health of our children that we tend to overlook what we deem to be the little things. The health of our teeth is extremely important, especially for children. Here are some oral hygiene tips for kids that will help them grow up with a healthy set of teeth.

Instill good habits

Old habits die hard. It is very hard to convince a stubborn old man to take care of his teeth if he hasn’t for all of his years. Make sure to get your children in the habit of brushing their teeth after breakfast and before they go to bed. They might not want to but over time they will develop a habit of doing so. This will make it easier for them to do later in life.

Brush delicately

A problem that many people have is that they brush too hard. The gums are a living tissue and are not invincible. Many people deal with receding gums issues later in life because of this. This is very important for children because theirs are still developing. Tell them to brush lightly and to use a soft brush.

Cut down on sugar

Kids are going to want sweets. Who doesn’t? The difference between adults and children is that we (usually!) have self-control. This means that we usually know when to say no to candy. Kids will eat until they are sick if you let them. Don’t let them eat a lot of candy or drink soda. Limit these to very small amounts so that they don’t develop cavities or other health issues.

There are a lot of things you can do to help make sure that your children have healthy teeth. These are just a few of the most important oral hygiene tips for kids. Make sure to follow our advice and to come give us a visit regularly to make sure that everything is going great. Scarboro Smiles is here to help give your children a beautiful smile!