My tooth just came out? What do I do?!

If it is a permanent (adult) tooth, your dentist may be able to put it back if you see them within about 1 hr of the incident!. Here’s what to do to improve your outcome:

  • Handle the tooth by the crown only (the whiter part  -avoid touching the root)
  • If dirty, rinse in salt water
  • The tooth can be transported in milk,  saline, or if there’s nothing around just keep it in your own mouth! Don’t put it in plain water!
  • Go to your nearest dentist or emergency center

More information for parents from Sick Kids Hospital:

I broke a piece of my tooth! What do I do?!

If you can find the piece, bring it to the dentist. Depending on how large the fracture is you may need either a filling or a crown (cap). If the nerve was injured or exposed, you may need a root canal as well.