Our smile is usually the first thing people notice about us. Flashing your bright white teeth is a great way to show people that you are friendly, cheery, and fun to talk to. That being said, a lot of us don’t have confidence in our look because our teeth become discoloured as the years go by. There’s no need to worry, though. Here at Scarboro Smiles, we offer Zoom teeth whitening to help you gain that confidence in your smile. The reason we choose to offer this is:

  • It’s fast!

Unlike traditional forms of teeth whitening, Zoom shows big results in just one quick visit. You can have a brighter, more attractive smile in less than an hour. That’s why it is perfect for special occasions, job interviews, school photos and all of the other big moments that require us to look nice and flash our teeth for the camera.

  • It’s safe

A lot of different methods and chemicals have been proclaimed as the best solution to whiter teeth over the years, but many of them are dangerous for your enamel or gums. Zoom dental whitening uses a safe gel that bleaches out discolorations quickly and safely. It won’t change surface of your teeth and it won’t damage your gums.

  • It works and it lasts

A basic appointment for a dental check-up is going to have a lot of benefits, and even just cleaning your teeth rigorously with our dental tools will help make them appear brighter and healthier. For the best results, though, you want a serious whitening plan. Zoom works and it works well. In less than an hour, most visitors will leave with teeth that are a few shades lighter, and some have reported a difference of up to 8 full shades. Not only does it work, but it lasts a long time. This isn’t your basic whitening solution.

Everyone wants to have bright white teeth. It gives us a confident smile and improves our look immeasurably. The wear and tear of daily life gets to everyone, so sometimes dentistry needs to step in to lend a hand. Here at Scarboro Smiles, we offer the best dental treatment in the local area, and this includes Zoom teeth whitening.