The common question all new parents have “At what age should my little one be seen by the dentist?”

It is recommended by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) to assess your child within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth or by age 1.  However we at Scarborosmiles have found it hard for children to have a great experience that soon because they cannot sit still.  Therefore, we recommend seeing children at age 3.

Reasons Why Your Child Should See A Dentist So Early:

1. To get your child comfortable and to make sure they have a great experience in a dental environment.
2. To check for any oral issues they may  have or possibly can have in the future like crooked teeth, decay, malocclusion, etc.
3. To maintain good oral habits from the beginning.
4. Show you how to clean your child’s teeth and any other recommendations.

Tips To Help With Your Child’s Dental Fear:

1. Start talking to them about going to visit for a visit to the dental office.
2. Watch what you say.  Do not use negative words like hurt or pain.
3. Bring them to your dental appointments.
4. Get them to sit with you in the dental chair.
5. Give them a toothbrush and practice brushing .

Make sure to maintain your child’s dental visits regularly.

At Scarborosmiles, Dr Isabel Cumandra is loved by all the kids that see her.  Call our office today at 416-296-0400 x2 to book your child’s first visit with her.